Screw Me Too – A Political Porn Movement?

It’s About Fucking Time! Hate #MeToo And Like Fucking? Screw Me Too has you covered!

It was only a matter of time before someone had the balls to snap back at modern political correctness using porn – and without sugar-coating it! From amateurs to actual adult stars found through social media and the streets, this site has a great mix of all types of sluts. Brown, white, yellow… you name it. All girls are sluts and this is one of the best porn sites to prove that point loud and clear.

The look of the site is fan-fucking-tastic. Graffiti slut-writting all over, it truly sets the tone. If the big red fucking middle finger in their logo didn’t tell ya that already! haha. It further solidifies the fact that you are about to go on a slutty pussy-smashin’ journey of champions. And we can attest that the experience truly is what it implies.

What is Screw Me Too About?

It’s a clap back at how modern day mind-warfare in the media and on college campuses everywhere are chastising men for being men and trying to say that many women don’t want like just being fucked and used. So they sometimes cry foul and well… you seen the headlines everywhere. We’re not sayin’ it doesn’t happen in some real cases but given the chance… most would gladly do it again and not cry foul! Here’s these guys now with a wild and entertaining porn site showing that women that just love carefree fucking still exist. And there’s way more out there than the Con News Network will let you believe.

But ultimately, Screw Me Too is a site dedicated to proving that deep down inside, most all women want to be sluts. Whether that be by bedding women found on the streets or from procuring dates with internet sluts, these guys prove their points quite effectively.

What type of content do they offer?

There’s really two types of content that is featured on Screw Me Too.

At the wildest of hunts, Screw Me Too interviews girls on the streets and tag-team fucks the shit out of them back at a hotel. Microphone in hand, and all. There are a few recent updates featuring the tag-team duo. We love the direction that this content is taking. Interviewing likeable girls in the streets, to see which would like to share their opinions on the whole #MeToo movement is definitely fun in such full-slut fashion.

In many or most cases, the bulk of the content features the main protagonist, John Tron, destroying these women on film. Yes same JT from Asian Sex Diary – is there anything he doesn’t do??? For Screw Me Too, he searches social media, modelling websites, local dating apps and even calls up past-fuck’s best friends. Whatever it takes to line up a date and prove all women are sluts and want to be sluts. Once the video starts, you’re typically there with him on the date. Of course, playing the “model photographer” aspect… he soon beds them and treats them like the dirty little bed-animals they are.

There is some bonus content, too. 4 scenes from Sindrive. Looks really good!

Lets explore some of the video and pictures below:


Formats and content:

  • Video streams at 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. Selectable and automatic modes.
  • Video downloads available in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.
  • More than 120 videos.
  • Two photo galleries per update. One features girls’ selfies and the other features the action.
  • Zips for galleries provided.
  • Gallery pics are 2600 pixels long.


Navigation is good. The top menu takes you wherever you need to be. From sorting by all updates, models and by categories. A link to your own favorites, most-popular updates and a link to see all galleries is also offered.

Additionally, the menu also offers links to deals on sites and some free cams.

How much does Screw Me Too cost to join?

There are several options available, depending on the membership length and format that you chose.

  • $29.95 a month on recurring subscription. Cancel any time.
  • 12 Months membership, billed yearly at $119.40, which works out to be $9.95 per month.

You can use standard credit/debit cards for the membership plans above and billing is handled by 3rd-party billers, so your personal and financial information remains safe.

Paypal is also offered as payment option.

Alternatively, you also have the option of trading in store Gift Cards for members area access. For example, a $15 Best Buy card works out to 12 days of access to the members area.


  • Exclusive content.
  • 120+ hardcore videos.
  • Photo galleries with most all updates.
  • Updates Weekly, sometimes more.
  • High Definition video in many formats.
  • Mobile compatible.
  • Video downloads.
  • Zip downloads.
  • Dedicated member support.


  • Would like to see more content featuring the tag team duo interviewing sluts and fucking them. This is a new direction on the site, it seems, so time will reward us all greatly.

Final thoughts on Screw Me Too:

This site is pure entertainment gold. If you love watching hot girl-next-door-looking sluts being treated as sluts, then this site is purely made for you. Lots of videos, lots of hot models (many are stars, too!) and lots of genuine-feeling sex hookups reminiscent of the golden days of internet porn… with a hugely modern twist! Worth every last Peso.

Screenshot of Screw Me Too home page

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